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ciudad y espacio público

Play The Street! / diciembre de 2014


“Play the Street! Manual of urban games” is a platform designed by our urban design studio, Carpe Via, for sharing urban games between people around the world that aims at restoring the healthy life on public space. It is designed to cope with three main social problems: social exclusion, social isolation and social insecurity.


“Play the street!” proposes the whole town as a gameboard in contrast to the closed design and the zonification typical of playgrounds. Part of the manual is intended to instruct and teach, while the other part is provided as an empty notebook that will be completed by children, so that they can foster their imagination and creativity. All users become designers of this shared platform. Meanwhile, the introduction of technology adapts tradition to the current context and it enriches the experience of the users. The city becomes an augmented playground available only outside home.

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